Winchcombe Museum

Winchcombe Museum
The Old Town Hall, Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL54 5LJ
Region or country
England (South West)

The museum is located on the upper floor in the Victorian Old Town Hall building which is situated at the T-junction in the centre of Winchcombe. It can easily be recognised by the large round clock overhanging the main road. Since becoming redundant in 1883.

The museum also houses a collection of British and International police uniforms - both historic and modern.

What can be found at the venue?
Collection of artifacts, Historic building or site
Significant collections relating to regional crime and punishment organisation or to a particular individual
The museum contains the Ross Simms police collection; the Old Town Hall has had many uses including a local Court of Petty Sessions (with easy access to the stocks)
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Web address of any other online resources
Details of opening for public access and / or research services
The website suggests the museum is not currently open to the public because of Covid restrictions.
Available services or facilities
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We have a lift, so the museum is suitable for wheelchair users.
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None given
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