Memoirs of the late Gladys Howard to be published Oct 2018

Gladys was a pioneer Portsmouth police women. The first Women Sgt and 1st Woman Insp in Portsmouth.

Gladys Howard spent most of her life in dedicated public service. Her posthumously-published memoirs paint a picture of a woman succeeding in an age before equal rights and opportunities had become established.

Gladys always lived in the city of Portsmouth and she describes growing up in Portsea before moving on to the Blitz years, dodging flying lumps of molten shrapnel. Joining Portsmouth City Police in 1947, Gladys went on to became the City’s first police women sergeant and inspector. A remarkable woman. This book is full of interest for those who want to know more about Portsmouth, women policing and civic duty.

NEVER A DULL MOMENT will be published in hardcover format in October 2018. Subscribe before 31st August 2018 to receive a copy containing a strictly limited edition numbered bookplate bearing Gladys’s printed signature; your name will also appear within the book itself.

Any Royalties made on this book by the Hampshire Constabulary History Society will be donated to the Gurney Fund, which exists to provide support relating to education and development for the children of police officers, from subscribing forces, where a parent has died or retired on ill-health grounds.