Bedfordshire Police Museum and Archive

Organisation: Police Force

Collections held: Courts, Police

Dates: 1850-1899, 1900-1949, 1950-present

Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK43 9AX

Contact: Volunteer Curator

Any publications or other relevant material about the collection / history of the organisation?

Bedfordshire Police 1840 - 1990 by Andrew Richer ISBN 0 905095 27 8

The Men Who Wore Straw Helmets by T. J. Madigan ISBN 1 871199 81 6

Additionally a history of Bedford Borough Police and a history of the Special Constabulary in Bedfordshire are both currently in rough draft form.

Historic Buildings?

We are currently located in what was once the Inspectors house attached to the Kempston Divisional Police Station of the Bedfordshire Constabulary that dates from the 1930s.

Who can access the collection?

Internal only (staff), External (public), Registered users

How big is the collection?

Documents: 5001-10,000
Photographs: 5001-10,000
Objects: 501-1000
Artwork: None
Books/journals/magazines: Less than 10