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Main collections P/RP1 Reading Prison records D/H14 Broadmoor Hospital records Q/Berkshire Quarter Sessions records: Including Q/AG – admin records -Gaols Q/AP – admin records – Police Q/S – Court in Session Q/W – Windsor Court of Quarter Sessions, 1761-1769 PS/ Petty Sessions records: PS/AC – Abingdon County Division PS/F – Faringdon Division PS/FT – Forest Division PS/H – Hungerford Division PS/HL – Hungerford and Lambourn Division PS/I – Ilsley Division PS/L – Lambourn Division PS/M – Maidenhead Borough PS/MD – Maidenhead County Division PS/MN – Moreton Division PS/MW – Moreton and Wallingford Division PS/N – Newbury Borough PS/NC – Newbury County Division PS/R – Reading Borough PS/RC – Reading County Division PS/S – Slough Division PS/W – Wallingford Division PS/WT – Wantage Division PS/WB – West Berkshire Division PS/WI – Windsor Borough PS/WIC – Windsor County Division D/EX1410/1 Notebooks of Thomas Noon Talfourd, judge c.1832-1853Borough Quarter Sessions *A/J Abingdon Borough Judicial records c.1500-1840M/J Maidenhead Borough Judicial records 1686-1841 N/JQ Newbury Borough Quarter Sessions records 1666-1971 R/JQ Reading Borough Quarter Sessions records 1682-1969 *W/JQ Wallingford Quarter Sessions records 17-19CWI/J Windsor Borough Judicial records 1480-1974 WO/J Wokingham Borough Judicial records 1688-1885 Other Borough records *A/AZ1-2 Miscellaneous Abingdon Gaol records 1856-1867 R/Z8 Papers relating to the Reading House of Correction 1620-1651 *W/JCM1-6 Wallingford Castle Prison records (within Coroner’s memoranda and miscellanea) 1316-1507 *W/JJ Wallingford Borough ‘Custodes Pacis’ records 1308-1819

Berkshire County Council records C/CL/C2 Minutes of the Standing Joint Committee and later Police Committee 1889-1968 C/CL/C3/30 Minutes of Prosecution Committee (2 vols) 1952-1974 Associations for the Prosecution of Felons etc D/EX618 Wantage Association for the Prosecution of Felons, accounts 1827-1843 *D/EX382 Wokingham Association for the Detection of Felons 1817-1819 *D/P66/28/1 East Hendred Association for the Prosecution of Felons (1 vol) 1814-1834 D/EX671 Forest Association for the Prevention and Detection of Crime, minutes 1830-1833 Records relating to Reading Prison (not in main collection) D/EX485 Plans of Reading Gaol 1826-1842 D/EX343 Papers on building of Reading County Gaol 1823-1852 D/EX1452/1 Reports of visiting justices (1 vol) 1787-1801 D/EX1847/1 Visiting Justices’ reports (1 vol) 1860-1878 D/EZ182 Photos of prison after it closed 2013-2014 D/EX1444/2 Warrants for remission of sentences and discharges of prisoners 1946-1949 *T/A119 Photocopy of execution register, 1742-1877Other miscellaneous records D/EX1042/1 Printed ballad entitled ‘Brutal Murder!’ (1 doc) [1876] D/EX1233/1 Reading Police Station occurrence book (crimes committed in Reading County PS Division) (1 vol) 1880-1898 D/EX2486/1 Last Dying Speech and Confession of James Castle, executed at Reading, for sheep stealing, August 2 1817 (1 doc) 1817D/EN/O2 Printed rules for Reading Gaol and Abingdon Bridewell 1824*D/ERA/O29 Account of Abingdon Bridewell and expenditure on Berkshire gaols 1804-1815 * Catalogue not currently available on the online catalogue

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