Lambeth Palace Library

Organisation: Archive, Library

Collections held: Courts, Prisons

Dates: 1850-1899, 1900-1949, 1950-present

Crime and punishment is not our main focus, but within our extensive collections there is material relating to these topics. There are records relating to the National Police Court Mission, 1923-42 (ref: MSS 2060-63, 2781) plus various related works in our printed book collections. In addition, correspondence relating to crime, policing and related topics appears within the papers of the Archbishops of Canterbury held here in the Library.

London SE1 7JU


Historic Buildings?

Not within the Library, but in Lambeth Palace there are two areas used historically as prisons:

Who can access the collection?

Registered users, Online access (catalogue only)

How big is the collection?

Documents: Unknown
Photographs: None
Objects: None
Artwork: None
Books/journals/magazines: None