Museum of Liverpool

We have around 200 items in our collections relating to law enforcement/Justice including  –
Items relating to personal service of police officers, Riot shields and helmets (some relating to Toxteth Riots),whistles, badges, truncheons, medals, armband, certificates
Items re: Police Strike, 1919, Merseyside Police Area Car Vauxhall Astra, Merseyside Police Protected Personnel carrier, BMW 750cc Police Traffic Patrol Motorcycle with Merseyside Police logo, Rattle, Uniform, Handcuffs, Stop and Search items, Prison Warders hat, SIGMA Hate Crime unit items, Brochure, ‘Community Policing: A Model for Liverpool 8. A submission to the Merseyside Police Committee Working Party studying Police/Community Liaison, Merseyside Police Gay and Lesbian Support Network, Wardress’ cloak from Main Bridewell, Photographs, Ball and chain & Leg iron. We hold an election leaflet, re: appeal against closure of Police Station, Oil portrait of (Sgt). ‘Robert Tissyman, Leader of the Unemployed’, framed. (Leader of Police Strike, 1919), Hillsborough Justice Campaign items, Campaigns against gun crime, Items re: prison officer service, Market Police and Fathers for Justice campaign items.

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