About CaP and contact us

The Crime and Punishment Collections Network (CaP) is an Arts Council England subject specialist network and has received funding from them in order to develop our web presence. CaP is an online group run entirely by a small team of dedicated volunteers who all have connections to the historical subject of crime and punishment, either as curators or managers of collections, or as academic researchers. Being a part of the network opens up doorways to a vibrant community of like-minded people so if you would like to be involved please contact us on the email below.

Professor Heather Shore (academic advisor)

Dr Stephanie Brown (digital engagement officer)

Gaby Rivers (treasurer)

Paul Finegan (secretary)

Sophie Michell (Family history consultant)

If you have any general enquiries about CaP click on the icon to send us an email. Alternatively, our home page has other ways of contacting us regarding events, subscribing to our newsletter or joining our collections directory.

Sadly we don’t have the capacity to offer advice on individual enquiries regarding historical or genealogical research, but we are developing an extensive directory of collections, archives and sites as well as a resources section.