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Crime and Punishment in the National Media Museum Collections Criminal posing chair c.1880. Object number 1990-5036/8600.Mug-shots from Wormwood Scrubs Prison c. 1890. Object number 1987-5218/1 These show how mug-shots would use an angled mirror to essentially take two angles at once, and it nicely shows that hands would be in the shot to show any identifying marks. Gandolfi brand camera, c. 1930, commissioned by the Home Office for use in HM prisons. Object number 1983-833. A silver gelatin photograph entitled ͚Dessau͛ by Henry Cariter-Bresson, 1945, part of his documentary about French prisoners of war and refugees. Object number 1983-5226. Copyright may be an issue for this. A silver gelatin print of Strangeways Prison by Nick Hedges. Object number 1983-5235/751. Copyright may be an issue for this. A silver gelatin by a photographer working for The Daily Herald entitled ͚Captured German prisoner with beard and a cap͛, 1944.Object number 1983-5236/12918. Copyright may be an issue for this. There are various files in the Daily Herald Archive that might be of relevance, such as under ͞Law͟ there are files relating to ͞Judges – ceremonies etc. prisons, exhumations, mysteries, crime͟, ͞misc. probation officers͟ and ͞police͟ (F196/D4; F197/D1). There are also many boxes relating to ͞crimes͟ such as ͞murders͟ and ͞robberies͟ and ͞misc.͟ which includes ͞criminal Scenes, punishment, etc.͟ (B203-253) Several albumin prints by Captain Lewis of Pentonville prisoners engaged in various forms of manual labour, c. 1871. (E.g. carpet weaving, shoe making). Object numbers 1987-5180/81/82/83. Kodak Duo 620 camera that was used by Mark Quinn to take pictures of his prison camp in Thailand in the late 1930s. Object number 1990-5036/4186. A photograph by John Burke entitled ͚Halt of Prisoners from Bassaule͛, showing soldiers of the 45 Rattray͛s Sikh Regiment guarding Afghan prisoners, c. 1878. Object number 1990-5036/6040/15. 6 report sheets on convicted prisoners from the North of England with photographs, c. 1873-1874. Object number 1991-5046. Also a wanted poster – object number 1991-5034.A book of police photographs with personal and criminal records of prisoners, 1900-1910. Object number 1991-5083. This is quite an extensive document. One black and white print by Chris Steel-Perkins entitled ͚Prisoners in punishment cell, USSR.͛ Object number 1992-5051. Copyright may be an issue. A photograph in an album of confederate prisoners of war, taken in 1882. Object number 1995-5001/1/123. Sunday Times filmstrip: Our prisons, are they good enough? Made in 1971. Object number 2008-5063/4. This one will be hard to view here, and I͛m not sure about its terms of use.

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