South West Police Heritage Trust

Organisation: Archive, Independent/charity, Police Force

Collections held: Police

Dates: 1700-1799, 1800-1849, 1850-1899, 1900-1949, 1950-present

The South West Police Heritage Trust (charity number 1168731) was set up in 2016 to take on the ownership and running of the Historic Collections of Devon & Cornwall Police. Until October 2016 this is what our collection and archive was known as; it was also centrally owned and run by Devon & Cornwall Police until this time.

(Due to relocate before Easter 2019)

There are about 15,000 entries for objects, archives, photographs and books on the cataloguing system but a collections audit is currently under way.

Academics and researchers can access the collection by appointment – Mondays or Wednesdays.

The most important volumes and registers have been digitised and will shortly be available via Devon Family History Society.

Exeter Road, Okehampton EX20 1NN


Any publications or other relevant material about the collection / history of the organisation?

Website: South West Police Heritage Trust

Not pertaining to our archive as an independent charity, but several books concern the history of Devon & Cornwall Police that utilise our archives and reference our photographs, including:

“Policing the Westcountry” by Mark Rothwell, 2016

“Policing the Peninsula” by Simon Dell, 2000

Who can access the collection?

Public (by appointment only)

How big is the collection?

Documents: Unknown
Photographs: Unknown
Objects: Unknown
Artwork: Unknown
Books/journals/magazines: Unknown