The Shire Hall, Lancaster Castle

Organisation: Crown Court/Magistrate, Museum

Collections held: Courts, Prisons

Dates: Before 1700, 1700-1799, 1800-1849, 1850-1899, 1900-1949, 1950-present

Lancaster Castle has a small collection of artefacts and a large percentage of them are on display and can be accessed by the public by taking part in a guided tour. The courts still operate on site. Our biggest asset is the building iteslf, a prison for 800 years (1196-2011) and Court from around 1200 until the present day.

Castle Park, Lancaster LA1 1YJ, United Kingdom


Any publications or other relevant material about the collection / history of the organisation?

Lancaster Castle: A Brief History by John Champness

Historic Buildings?

Former HMP Lancaster Castle in operation until 2011, owned by Duchy of Lancaster.

Early example of Panopticon (1821)

Lancaster Crown Court 1796 - present day

The Shire Hall, Civil Court 1796 - present day

Who can access the collection?

External (public)

How big is the collection?

Documents: 11-100
Photographs: 101- 500
Objects: 101- 500
Artwork: 11- 100
Books/journals/magazines: 11- 100

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The Shire Hall, Lancaster Castle